To All COA Members, Performers, Family Members and Friends of COA Activities!

We understand how the challenges of the last few weeks have affected the lives of our families. We are responding to the COVID-19 virus outbreak by acting in accordance with Federal, State and Local Government Health authorities. We are following their guidelines to protect you and the general health of our community.


We have suspended all of our scheduled group activities and will resume as soon as possible. For Food Connection information please email

When the spread of this Virus has been contained and it is safe to gather in social activities again we will begin rescheduling all of our group activities for the fun and pleasure we enjoy together.

On behalf of our Board of Directors we ask for your faith, support, understanding and co-operation during these difficult times in making these adjustments in our lifestyles for the betterment of our Community.


Steve Bartock,
President – COA Board of Directors


For the COA PPO, we can train the youth leaders on how to structure/outline a lesson plan

  1. Action Planning Activity

    • Purpose is for youth to identify action plans, build a realistic timeline, delegate tasks to promote ownership and responsibility for the project

  2. Skill Building Training (minimum of one) 

  3. Must have an alcohol and other drugs (AOD) education prevention component

    • Alternative activities can be incorporated, but it needs to have AOD education as a focus as well (i.e. sharing facts of AOD from credible sources- CDC, NIDA, NIH, etc.)

      • Tips: try to stay away from statistics because those change every year

    • *Suggestion that ADEPT approved: NIDA has kahoot games for the kids!

  4. Reflection Activity

    • Youth reflects on what went right, what went wrong, and if things didn’t work the way as planned, how to approach the situation in the future.


What differentiates the COA PPO youth leadership activity from a Collective Impact project is that the focus on alcohol and other drug preventative education is the main focus of the project. The “Thrive Alive” aspect of providing students a series of educational workshops for skill-building in ADDITION to adding AOD preventative education would be more in alignment with the county’s expectations of a CI project.

  1. Alcohol and other drug prevention need to be at the forefront of the project. 

    1. Skill-building for youth is a way to build up and segue to the alcohol and other drug prevention education

      1. An example of this skill

  2. Guest speakers also need to be approved by ADEPT

    1. The guest speakers need to address AOD substances….