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Community Outreach Alliance 2020-2021

The Community Outreach Alliance (COA) Club based out of San Clemente High School focuses on ages 12-18. The main goal is to stay above the influence of drugs and alcohol through surrounding yourself with friends who are also committed to health. Students get involved in their community, become better leaders, and create fun and rewarding activities for their peers. To create a well-organized environment, COA Club members must understand the behavioral expectations the COA Club relies upon. This code of conduct requires respect, responsibility, fairness, and tolerance.

Behavior Goals for Leadership:

Give Them Wider Club Exposure
Ensure that your future leaders are able to fully appreciate all aspects of the club, not just their current position. Club will encourage them to gain a broad understanding of COA Thrive Alive Mission as well the future possible directions for the club. This is essential knowledge for any future leader who may one day make the decisions that shape the COA Club.


Change Their Role and Responsibilities
Leadership development works best when your future leaders understand the importance of all the different roles in your organization. One day, it will be them making decisions that could affect all areas of the club, so it’s important that they develop an understanding from different perspectives.


Challenge Them With Real Club Situations
Placing your future leaders in real club situations will push and stretch them as much as possible while they attempt to solve or overcome the challenges you give them. Giving them difficult or heavy projects will reveal their capabilities and capacities as well as develop their critical thinking skills and creativity when faced with unfamiliar tasks. They will learn new skills, and you’ll enhance their commitment to your organization by boosting their confidence in what they can achieve.


Set Support Systems in Place
As leader, you have a responsibility to support all your members and your future leaders who will depend on you for support while they further their roles. Not all the decisions they make will be your ideal course of action, yet outwardly showing support for your future leaders demonstrates trust and respect in them.


Provide Mentoring and Coaching
Aspiring leaders should feel that there is someone they can turn to for advice, guidance, and support on a professional level. You can appoint mentors by choosing your current leaders, or ask retired executives or relevant professionals in other companies for their input. Developing a structured mentoring program is important so you can determine the specifics of the relationships and track mentoring progress.


Give Feedback
Without regular constructive feedback, your leadership development program can fail before it has had a chance to flourish. Let your future leaders know how they are performing, and give them praise and advice to encourage them on their journey. They will be eager to find out if they are doing a good job and if there are any areas for improvement or further development. Feedback will help you to identify early on if there are any issues or if you need to make any changes to the pace or structure of their development.


Reward Them Fairly
Recognize your future leaders’ achievements and growth throughout the leadership development program, and reward them accordingly. This may be in the form of performance goals, the challenge of further responsibility, a new job title, financial incentives or even a greater stake in the company’s future or the company itself. Be sure you know what motivates them and tailor your reward system accordingly. However you reward them, your future leaders will appreciate the gestures and feel more motivated and committed to sharing in the vision of your organization.

And remember, as a leader yourself, your management team will look to you as an example to follow and for best practice. Review your own approach from time to time to ensure you lead by example and give your future leaders the role model they need.



The COA Club is about building future leaders.
Build each other up and support your fellow leaders in any way possible.
If you’re not the leader of the club you can become one.
Listen to the leader who is speaking and learn from the.
Respect your fellow leaders when they are speaking.
We are here to further your leadership skills.
We want to promote a fun, inviting atmosphere for all attendees.
Refrain from hateful speech against fellow club members.
Respect yourself and others.

We are reaching out to our community as part of our quest to garner support for our cause, and raise funds through the generosity of those who value their community! 

The money we raise goes to FREE programs for individual youths, their friends, and families in our community. 

Our mission is simple: To provide activities for those choosing a healthy lifestyle.

We also believe that education, awareness, and leadership are key drivers in the battle against drug and alcohol abuse. For this reason, our Board of Directors, our amazing volunteers, and our incredible staff work to coordinate with health agencies, our local school districts and the cities themselves to offer activities, clinics, and workshops for anyone who wants to participate.

If this idea appeals to you. If this is a cause you can get behind. If you want to get involved.

Please, spend some time on our website to learn more about us, our upcoming events, how to donate, and how to become a volunteer.

Donations are what keeps us afloat. COA can only succeed as long as our community chooses to step up, but sometimes our best friends and allies need a helping hand, thus the need for Outreach.

We are all in this together. Some might call that an Alliance. So join us today!

We thank you in advance for your support during these times. #COAStrong
Our non-profit federal tax ID is: 82-2147471

P.O. Box 73023
San Clemente, CA 92673 
(949) 257-2286
Instagram: coa_clubbin