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Established in 2014, Community Outreach Alliance (COA) is a non-profit organization in San Clemente, California that strives to create a positive environment for children and young adults in the community to help them stay active and prevent the cycle of drug abuse and addiction that has ended so many lives.

By creating a system of free programs and activities for the local youth, kids are given the opportunity to develop new skills, meet new people, explore healthy interests, and grow their community – all by simply getting involved. Today, COA is offering an array of activities including: music, theater, GAMING, tennis, yoga, hiking, climbing, running, biking, and soon to be much, much more. For more information, please visit:

“We are absolutely stoked for the opportunity to work with Esport-Management!" said Jonathan Gerber, event leader at the COA Gaming Club and an avid follower of professional Esports.
“We see a bright future ahead for kids who take an active interest in technology, and when these kids play together and learn together through games, that interest quickly becomes a passion. With this partnership, I see a chance to teach kids about the importance of responsibility, teamwork, and leadership while forming balanced and healthy habits that will follow them in all walks of life."


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