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COA (Community Outreach Alliance) is a non-profit organization in San Clemente, California. Our goal and mission are to offer fun and healthy activities to youth in our community. We also provide mentoring opportunities to older teens, and volunteer opportunities for adults to share their talent and time.

We partner with sponsors, local businesses, and individuals who want to become part of the ‘alliance’ to help create opportunities for youth seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Phone – 949-257-2286

Thrive Alive Project


Thrive Alive is an innovative program offered by Community Outreach Alliance. We want to help support youth from middle school to out of college in our community. Our program will educate students on the current culture that can draw them into making unhealthy choices. This program provides leadership workshops, community service opportunities and weekly activities with an adult mentor that help the students thrive in life. Our goal is that all students feel respected, appreciated and valued.

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We do our BEST as a Non-Profit providing activities and education for those choosing a healthy lifestyle.

We do our BEST to help the youth in our community have something to do. The menu includes: cycling, fishing, tennis, guitar, piano, yoga, gaming, running, improv, sup and leadership ‘camps’

We do our BEST to work with other agencies in an effort to bring our forces together (the alliance) to help more youth choose a life that’s drug and alcohol-free and full of possibilities.


COA Blog

We discuss various topics on our blog and share journeys of triumph and pain. Maybe you want to share your story ... Contact us at communityoutreachalliancesc@gmail.com

Music Outreaches

Besides the enjoyment of listening to MUSIC you like here are few additional perks! Performances by COA performers are held at different venue

Fundraising - Events

Relay for Life, Chowder Cook-Off, Red Ribbon Parade, Ocean Festival, concerts and special events at our COA venue are ongoing throughout the year.

End of the Year 2018

Thrive Alive Testimonials

COA Activities for Youth

Reality Party for Parents