Established in 2017 Community Outreach Alliance (COA Ministries) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in San Clemente, California that strives to create a positive environment for the youth, families, military and seniors in the community to help them stay healthy, active and prevent the cycle of drug abuse and addiction that has ended so many lives.

By creating a system of free programs and activities for the community and local youth. We have two-fold mission with Food Connection and COA Entertainment.

FOOD CONNECTION serves as a vehicle to share food and touches hundreds of individuals and/or families per month in our community who are struggling for food and proper nutrition. In Orange County’s San Clemente, 7.1% of persons live in poverty 1 vs. the 11.1% in all of Orange County.2 In San Clemente, 12,049 senior citizens reside, making up 18.9% of the population; 7.2% of seniors in Orange County live below the poverty line. Weekly we serve the elderly, families, and the military. We continue to serve the over 1,400 monthly individuals in the community. Food Connection not only provides groceries to those in need in our local community, seniors and the military, but also provides volunteer opportunities for teens and adults looking for community service to help others.

COA ENTERTAINMENT is a safe place for youth to express their musical talents, get some practice performing live and play with others on stage at Open Mic Nights.  Because of incredible community sponsors/relationships, youth/young adults get to perform live in front of audiences at local events, which provides a safe and sober opportunity for youth to find their passion and stay away from drugs & alcohol. We have had over 100 COA performers in past years, approximately 60 performers in the last year,  that have provided LIVE MUSIC with COA Entertainment.  Also, at all events they help share about a variety of community resources from non-profits groups that  COA partners with -all to promote a Healthy Lifestyle for Youth and Young Adults. The performers also help share about COA’s  free food distribution.
If you’re a musician or really want to be one when you grow up, come make music with us & bring your music loving friends! All events are FREE & Open to ALL Levels of Talent!
OPEN MIC NIGHTS are open to ages 11-21.  Sing to a track, bring your instrument, or your whole band, Anything goes!
Music breaks through barriers and creates real, authentic connection which we all need. Music unites. Music heals. Music connects. Music inspires. Everyone deserves music. We all need these gifts of making music and enjoying music today more than ever.
COA Entertainment is FREE & Open to All Levels of Talent!! Selected COA performers provide live music at a variety events at the community.
Contact if you want stage time or have any music related questions.