Community Outreach Alliance (COA), a 501 c3 non-profit service was established in 2014 in San Clemente, California by visionaries Pondo Vleisides and Teri Steel who saw a need to foster a positive solution for the young people in the community who were battling the throes of drug use and addiction.

Their methodology was to create a system of programs young people could enter into, journey through the course structure and then give back by mentoring others through the same process. Today, COA is offering weekly classes covering an array of activities from music, sports, internships, leadership courses, a food bank, gaming, fundraisers, photography, art, grief counseling, comedy, and much more!

At a certain point in each program, participants have opportunities to give back by outreaching into the community and getting involved by volunteering or performing at local events bringing the process full circle and creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime! “COA offers a safe, healthy environment with opportunities helping and guiding young people with their self-esteem and at a time when they need it most,” said Heather Linberg, parent of a COA Teen.

Members range from the pre-teen age of 12 through 30 to assist with making sure all that all who participate have exposure to making clean healthy lifestyle choices that are essential for their survival and success.  “Community Outreach Alliance – COA – Providing Activities For Those Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle.” To donate or for more information about the COA programs. 

Please contact COA if you need help or want to be a sponsor ~ COA is a 501c3 non-profit service.