Ian Christner


Ian has been collaborating with Community Outreach Alliance since its conception as a volunteer and mentor for the COA Gaming Club. While at SCHS, Ian mentored and volunteered for/with youth with the Gamerz4theCure Team at the local San Clemente Relay for Life weekend event. While in college, Ian worked with youth and the general public as a part of the CA State Park Service. As a Park Aide, he was able to constantly improve customer satisfaction and experience by responding to service issues and consulted customers thoroughly to troubleshoot hardware/software problems. During his college career, it became a natural transition for him and his gaming computer skilled peers, to convert their mentorship over to the COA Gaming Club. After Ian graduated from UCSC in the summer of 2017 with a Computer Science Engineering-Programming degree, Ian positioned himself to a COA Internship where he can use his technical skills to develop, implement, troubleshoot and review code to contribute to COA’s success. Ian brings enthusiasm and is a communicator who thrives on problem-solving, organizing, and collaborating to make a positive impact on the COA website.