Invictus Fitness Solutions

Since 2016, Invictus has served the South Orange County area with a singular purpose; to
enhance the health and well-being of the community we serve. Our vision is to empower our
community to achieve a higher level of health and fitness which, in turn, can be the catalyst for
life-changing experiences.

The owners, Josh Elsesser, Kamal Abdul-Khaaliq, and Dj Davis, have over 40 years of
experience working with adults and youth to enhance their fitness, performance, health, and

Josh Elsesser holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University in Exercise
Science. He is one of 150 Master Trainers for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and
holds multiple certifications including Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance
Enhancement Specialist. With over 21 years in fitness. Josh has dedicated his life to enhancing
the health and wellness of those he serves.

Kamal Adbul-Khaaliq switched careers from working at a psychiatric hospital to becoming a
personal trainer at Lifetime fitness.  This transition in life lead him to discover his passion was
more about helping people discover how their fitness increases their fulfillment and achievement
in their personal and social lives.  Now as a coach and owner at Invictus Fitness Solutions he
feels he found his calling, direction, and passion at life.

Dj Davis entered the field of personal training a career almost by a fluke. He had moved out to
California to go to Cal Poly with the intentions of pursuing law school and to play football
primarily. Realizing quickly that wasn't his, calling he moved to San Diego to find himself. He
happened into a 24-Hour Fitness and noticed someone working with a client and thought it was
something he could see himself doing, even if only while he figured out what I wanted to do. 14
years later, he is so grateful to say that his calling in life was to help facilitate change in others’
health and fitness. For him the most gratifying feeling is seeing the clients overcome obstacles
in making their respective life change.