John Clark Stand Up Paddle Boarding Mentor

JohnClarkJohn Clark founded the SUP Surf Club in 2007 to promote Stand Up Paddling as a family fun activity.  John and his wife, Manya and three daughters Alleanna, Juliette and Lyla have been paddling together since the sport first kicked off and introduced SUP to thousands of people over the years.   John has competed and made the podium in dozens of races including the Battle of the Paddle and the Pacific Paddle Games.  John and Manya were even crowned the King and Queen of Dogpatch during the inaugural SUP Surf Contest at the San Clemente local SUP Surfing venue known as Dog Patch at San Onofre. The Spring 2012 issue of SUP Magazine featured John and the Clark Family for having the most fun paddling and to showcase their short film titled “The Summer of SUP”.  Their film about SUP and outrigger paddling became a finalist for the 2012 Annual SUP Awards Best Film Award.

In 2017, John Clark stared in a video series funded by the US Coast Guard to promote making

smart choices in SUP safety to apply every time you’re on the water.  Some of the important safety topics include knowing your limits, always wearing a leash and PFD, and to check the weather forecast before paddling.  Standup paddling is all fun and games, until it’s not. The water–whether ocean, river, lake or pond–can be a dangerous place and always deserves respect. That’s why SUP magazine contacted John Clark and partnered with the U.S. Coast Guard to release “Safe SUP Choices,” an ongoing series of safe-paddling reminders.

As John’s three daughters have begun to go on to college and to focus on water polo and academics, John has kept his commitment to encourage youth fitness and fun.  John founded Skate.Fit in 2017 to promote Inline Skating as a group fitness activity that focuses on outdoor fitness skating with the right skills and safety gear.   In 2018, John partnered with local surf and sport influencers including Tom Morey and Matt Colapinto to kick off the first Tandem Boogie Contest at the 2019 San Clemente Ocean Festival.  What’s more fun than catching a wave on the same bodyboard as your buddy while the crowd cheers you on from the pier and beach?

We are excited to have John Clark as the COA Standup Paddle Club leader and look forward to seeing you on water having fun soon!