Joanie, a native of California, had a successful sales and marketing career for many decades. She’s volunteered for many organizations using her skills set -including event planning/promotion & leading /coordinating volunteers to accomplish certain tasks. Joanie saw the positive impact that the COA Music program made in her son,  Corey.  ( Joanie got involved with COA and she joined the COA board as Secretary. Her commitment strengthened and she created the COA Music Outreach Program. Over the past 4 + years she has scheduled COA performers/bands to provide “live music” at over 60 community events, primarily in San Clemente, but also in 8 other Orange County cities. Also, she has lined up performers for COA events. The COA Music Outreach Program has grown significantly under Joanie’s leadership and in the past year, due to Covid 19, she’s lined up performers for many Friday evening- Instagram Lives, as well as performers for Community Non-Profit groups for Zoom and Instagram events.