Vera Jacobs is Mom to Sophie @thesophiechannel and Tommy Jacobs : songwriters, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and vocalists in band-Infinity. Her Instagram @Ancora.Imparo.Sempre which is derived from Michelangelo proclaiming “Still I am learning” at the young age of 87 years. After a career in business, Vera focused on family and raising her kids. When the PTA of her kids’ elementary school asked her to run a K-1 school play she nervously agreed and spent months researching and learning for this exciting and challenging project. From then on, in her very late 30’s, Vera found a new “career,” and spent years as a volunteer directing and producing school plays, musicals, and talent shows. Working with young people and helping them grow and become the best that they can be brings joy and meaning to Vera’s life. Nothing is impossible and it’s never too late to learn something new and inspiring! Vera is married to Lee Jacobs, a partner in their business and in volunteering for the community. They are both grateful to everyone at Community Outreach Alliance, for the opportunity to contribute to COA’s important work of creating a positive environment for children and young adults.