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Ashes to Glory ~ by Gregg Lancer


“What is a father?” ~ a man asked his son. The young boy answered,  “A father is a person who has pictures in his wallet where he used to have money.” Aren’t kids precious? Fathers & mom’s ~ I want to quickly talk 2 U about UR kids & their friends & youth drug addiction. Have U ever said 2 urself, it’ll never happen 2 my child? Or if U C it happen 2 someone else’s child, have U ever wondered if it’s a result of parenting gone wrong? Don’t answer that. Cuz sometimes ur right & sometimes ur not. Oftentimes its the culture & the area in which they live and today, it’s where we live.

South OC is # 2 in the nation for the following statistics . . .

·      One in 10 middle schoolers have already tried alcohol. That doubles by age 13.

·      By 10th grade, ½ of the 15 yr olds have experimented w/ alcohol & other drugs & are encouraging others, including your children, to do the same.

·      62% of teenage marijuana smokers said they tried it before age 18, and >50% have tried it before age 12.

·      1 out of 5 high school students has admitted to using RX drugs without an RX.

·      “Accidental” drug-related deaths have now EXCEEDED fatal car accidents 4 the 1st time.

·      The USA represents 6% of the global pop, yet we consume 97% of the world’s Opiates.

And now, there’s SYNTHETICS ~ made in China & packaged like candy, available here in San Clemente. On the streets, in certain stores, & definitely on the school grounds. PAUSE. So Happy Father’s day right? Fathers, I’m talking 2 U & moms and youths! We need UR help & support.

U C the problem right? 2 movies have been made about this issue right here in south OC. 1 is about what happens when drugs capture UR kids & UR kid’s friends & the other one is about what happens when they don’t & how 2 make sure that doesn’t happen.

THIS COMING FRIDAY NIGHT ~ A FREE SUMMER BENEFIT CONCERT PARTY CALLED Ashes 2 Glory will be held at Heritage ~ 190 Ave La Pata in San Clemente, CA.

This is going to be a MAJOR event.

We’ll show short & powerful clips of these 2 movies, with special guest speakers from both movies. Speakers who made a drug mistake 1 time & R now permanently disabled.  Parents & teens need 2 C & hear about this ~ firsthand. Please come.

We’ll invite all ages, both youth & adults, to “take an official pledge” in front of our peers, & vow 2 say NO to this stuff, together.

Not only will we raise awareness of this crisis in R city, but we’ll also provide solutions. ~ Old school said you’d offer help 2 a drug afflicted youth & they typically deny it & say they have no problem. They say it’s UR prob. Then you’d wait 4 them 2 hit rock bottom so they could cry out for help. HOWEVER, rock bottom in today’s culture is OD, jail, the hospital, or the grave. So do we still wait? The answer is NO.

Instead, before it’s too late, U RAPTURE them outta here & place them in a treatment center or program where they can get their head back on straight before it gets so screwed off, they suffer & struggle 4 the rest of their lives.

Now these treatment centers aren’t cheap. The average cost for a 90 day program is $20-$80k. And sadly, THAT high cost is a roadblock for many who need it the most.  However, the Ashes2Glory Foundation (501c3) helps hurting families obtain the quality care necessary to break the bondage of destructive patterns & addictions, thus restoring hope. AND, families. Whew !

Live music, videos, speakers, raffle, Silent auction, Food trucks @ 4:45. Event at 7pm.

Donations still being accepted. Receipts avail. On FB ~ Ashes2Glory

·      Dads & Moms ~ prevention is a team effort. Lets do this!

From Ashes2Glory

Summer Benefit Concert Party

June 26, 2015

190 Ave La Pata

San Clemente, CA. 92673