Finding Peace Amid Your Grief


Tanya Brown, sister to the late Nicole Brown Simpson is no stranger to adversity or trauma. Faced with near overwhelming life challenges, including an attempted suicide, Tanya used obstacles in her path to ultimately improve the quality of her life. She takes her life experience to audiences nationwide as a compelling motivational speaker, and she brings that experience to bear on her coaching practice. Her story makes it clear that you can overcome any adversity with the willingness to ask for help.



Tanya shares self-care strategies from her personal experience and memoir, Finding Peace Amid The Chaos: My Escape From Depression and Suicide to guide her clients achieve greater personal, emotional and professional success. Self-Care is essential for Life Balance to prevent overwhelm, tension, exhaustion stress which ALL CAN lead to depression. When we are in balance we are able to navigate through the chaos of life and become more productive and efficient in everything we set out to do.


Do you need solutions for MANAGING STRESS and EMOTIONAL CHAOS?

Do you need solutions for COPING with LIFE and CREATING more PEACE?

Do you need solutions for CONQUERING ANXIETY and OVERWHELM?

Do you need solutions for OPTIMAL Mental WELL-Being?

If so, this program is for you.


{7} In-Person Group Sessions

Handouts for each self-care strategy

Surviving Grief – Daily Self Care Strategies Tips

The little hamster in your head will not shut off until we learn how to structure our daily activities. We lose ourselves and our daily focus because we meander and wander. When we are idle, self destruction and negative self chatter can occur.

This series will help you structure your days, learn how to be more mindful among a few fabulous topics.

There is one question Tanya¬†gets all the time, “What is that one thing that helps(ed) you stay on track?” Structure! A daily schedule of daily activities, responsibilities but more so, putting YOU into the schedule is the key ingredient of self care.