Honoring Father’s Who Miss A Child

If you are a father coping with the pain of losing a child this Father’s Day, we stand with you today and always. We know it is difficult to lose a child, and it may be heartbreaking to remember they are gone. But Father’s Day is a day for you as well, and we sincerely hope that you are able to work through your grief.  If it’s too much to bear, please reach out to someone who can help you walk through the pain. You are not alone. If you know a father who has lost a child, please make sure to stand beside them today. It can be challenging knowing what to do, but just be there. It’s a very difficult day for a number of people, and the love and support of friends and family play a crucial role in helping grieving fathers get through what may be the most difficult day of the year. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary – just be there for them and show them support. We hope that you have a wonderful Father’s Day, no matter what your situation may be.  We asked Gary Ross and Devin Eckhardt two dear friends of COA to share a thought about missing their children this Father’s Day. Please know you’re never alone and that our hearts are with you always. “On Father’s Day I am thankful for the time God allowed me to be a father to lil’ Gary and Tiffany.  With each of their deaths I struggled with acceptance.  Once I accepted that they were truly gone, that it wasn’t a nightmare I would wake up from, I was able to move forward in my grief journey. I am thankful for my family, my wife Kathryn, my son Jeremy, his wife Trish who I love like a daughter, six grandchildren; Leana, Haley, Garret, Brooklynn, KJ and Emma all fill my life with purpose and meaning.  I find comfort in knowing that Gary and Tiffany trusted Christ as their savior, as I have, we will be reunited soon.” Gary Ross, lil’ Gary’s Legacy “Losing Connor has changed my life forever. Connor made me a father first. He brought magic to my life. He was such a incredible child, so full of fun and laughter. Never afraid to show affection, even at 19. I will never be the same person since he died so tragically at 19. But, I will carry on his memory close to me and share his life with others so that they may live. I am blessed for the 19 years I got to be Connor’s father and so grateful for Sabrina and Ashnika.” Devin Eckhardt, The Connor Project Happy Father’s Day with love, Teri Steel  Posted in Blog, OutreachTagged , , , , , , , , , , , , ,