Why Music? by Jill Wood

11713582_406960652839692_1392818911_nThere is just no other medium that brings people together the way music does. That’s what I love about music. It breaks through barriers and creates real, authentic connection which we all need. It’s just amazing to watch a crowd of total strangers come together on a dance floor and feel the same vibe. They become so connected by the song. Nothing unites people like a song.

Writing and performing music became a passion of mine in high school but I didn’t have many opportunities to play out or practice with other musicians. As I got older, I discovered Jam Nights and Open Mic nights and discovered how fun it was to create music live with other musicians, sort of off the cuff. The more I learned to let go of fears of what others thought of me, and any self doubts that crept into my mind, it seemed other musicians were free to do the same – it was contagious, and the most amazing music would be created. We found a new love, a new passion and fun in the process. It was the best form of therapy I ever had, and the cheapest. Some of my best friends today are the musicians I began playing with 20 years ago. This is why I wanted to bring music to COA.

9hV0ky1HA0ciUGdOuRextivqE3X6dbaShwlB23jeCDwMusic unites. Music heals. Music connects. Music inspires. Everyone deserves music. Our kids need these gifts of making music today more than ever.


Friday Night Jam

11720137_406952616173829_770850578_nOnce a month we get a group of teens through college age together and just make some music because making music is awesome! If you’re a musician or really want to be one when you grow up, come sit in and play with our live house band, or just take the mic and perform solo. Anything goes at The Venue, so bring your accordion, your bongos, your yodeling and your kazoos. It’s all good and it’s all just for the fun of it. 1613859_10206553201687271_3686186274324327830_nThis is a safe place to express your musical talents, get some practice performing live and playing with others – because we all need to learn how to play well with others. Even if you don’t play an instrument or sing, come enjoy watching us all somehow pull together a really fun show.

Friday Night Jam is FREE and open to all ages.  Check out  COA for upcoming  dates.

Article by: Jill Wood, COA Jam Night and Wellness Coordinator 

12068043_10206486942470832_1959447658_nJill Wood is a Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist, she is licensed internationally as a Quantum Biofeedback Therapist, and she is a Wellness Educator for the Juice Plus+ Company. Jill left corporate America over 10 years ago and entered the field of health and wellness after experiencing her own personal, life changing health transformation. This sparked a newfound passion in her to assist others on their journey toward creating a healthy life that they love. Jill is a Southern California native and has spent the last 5 years in beautiful San Clemente after falling in love with the community while vacationing here for several years. She is a single mom of three beautiful children and is on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition on brain health. 11401278_1605933813006140_1034823185399818956_nHer son, Julian suffered from ADHD, OCD and an Impulsivity Disorder and began binge drinking at the age of 12. This subsequently led to him attempting to take his life at 19 years old. Inspired to save her son’s life, Jill became a passionate researcher of brain health and learned that the root of all mental disorders, including depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, and addictions lies in nutritional deficiency. She has been helping her son regain his quality of life by balancing the nutritional deficiencies in his brain over the past five years. He is a true miracle story of recovering from a Traumatic Brain injury with the healing power of faith, whole food nutrition, alternative therapies and the loving support of a “Village”.  Jill now partners with physicians and health care professionals across the country to raise awareness of the healing power of nutrition, and speaks with her son at High Schools and community events to raise awareness of the dangers of under age and binge drinking.